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Call Centre Course

Call Centre Course

services 102This course was designed for individuals who are eager to work in the call centre industry as well as those who are working in the industry and hoping to enhance their skills. The course focuses on developing the individual by teaching him or her operations and dynamics within the call centre environment, the diverse techniques and the art of selling. Leadership skills and overcoming limitations, communication skills, corporate governance are also important modules in the course.

We are so confident in our call centre training that we know that we send our clients only the best call centre agents at no cost to our clients.

Who  Should Attend?

  • Anyone who wants to master the art of selling
  • Experienced or non-experienced individuals
  • School leavers or college graduates looking to learn a new skill

What are the benefits of doing our course?

  • We can place you in our call centre or in one of our client’s call centres, should you meet the criteria
  • We empower our candidates by teaching them life strategies to always realise their human potential and go beyond their personal and organisational expectations
  • Candidates are exposed to both book wise and calculated streetwise techniques
  • Included in our course, candidates will also be exposed to specialised practical training when they have passed their first level assessment
  • Candidates can expect to develop interpersonally and to master the art of selling and the science of serving the customer
  • Candidates receive a certificate on successful completion of all training

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