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I am grateful to Berkley for empowering me with the necessary skills and knowledge and for allowing me the opportunity to apply it all in a job environment. Today I am a proud Trainer, facilitator, head coach and lead Scorer for Eximius World.
Samantha Arendse

Berkley has given me the tools with which I could excel in my job environment. As a proud Training Manager and Tenzing Subject Matter Expert I feel that much of it is owed to the opportunity given to me by Berkley.
Lee Martin

Thanks Berkley!!! You have really lived up to my expectations. I have moved from an audio converter to a Logistics manager in a short time.
Hajira Jacobs

I appreciate the opportunity presented to me by Berkley Training Academy. I have had the most wonderful experience while working at Eximius of being promoted from an Audio converter to a Floor Walker. I am now a proud employee of Berkley in the capacity of a junior recruiter.
Yolanda Ngapi

My experience at Berkley Training academy was a highly motivational. The lecturers were very competent and showed continuous commitment. My personal experience to get attached to the trainers was overwhelming and inspired me in many ways. I didnít expect much out of this training, but what Iíve learnt in training was to have patience. I embraced everyday as if it was the last day there because the trainers there makes you feel at home. What was more challenging for me was the fact that I entered there with no experience of typing or any computer literacy knowledge, but what Iíve achieved in this short time was an amazing experience. I couldnít achieve all this without the help of Berkley. This training helped me open many doors to my career. It also taught me to adapt to different people, different cultures and habits. I always strive to improve. To do the best of my ability. Therefore I am grateful for the opportunity that Berkley Training Academy had given me.
Fatima De Stadler

Hi my name is Yoemnah De Jongh. I live in Mitchellís Plain. I never had any computer knowledge. I arrived at Berkley not knowing Iíll end up here someday. When I first came to Berkley I typed 5 words per minute. I spoke to the boss of Berkley asking him for an opportunity to have a second chance and now Iím on 27 words per minute. I then had a few assessments. You must have 85% to pass of which I had 89%. I now work as an audio converter at Eximius World and Iím loving it and itís all because of Berkley Training Academy. So donít sit at home and pity yourself get down to Berkley and you never know where you might end up someday. Thank you.
Yoemnah De Jongh

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