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Data Capturing / Touch Typing

Data Capturing / Touch Typing for beginners
data capturing

This first level training course is available in English and French. It covers all aspects of Data Capturing and an individual who does the course, specialises in audio-capturing. Once they have successfully completed all their training, they have an option of working for an international company where they can put their newly acquired skills to practice.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wants to improve on their typing skills, from management, call centre staff, customer care staff, banking staff to secretaries / receptionists
  • Users of previously used or outdated Data Capturing Software
  • Unemployed or Employed people
  • School leavers or college graduates looking to learn a new skill

Basically the course is open to anyone who meets our criteria and especially those seeking full time employment.

What are the benefits of doing our course?

  • Our course creates an awareness of the different types of Data Capturing.
  • It offers a potential employment opportunity with an international company
  • It opens the doors to many other potential employment opportunities
  • Candidates receive a certificate on successful completion of all training
  • Candidates are exposed to various Data Capturing systems or techniques
  • Included in our course, candidates will also be exposed to specialised practical training (second level) at a corporate company at no extra cost.

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